January 26, 2005

Morning Update

Honestly, if I can turn this into cash, it will be a great reward for work I already enjoy. It's so great to publish. Granted, I have only 2 visitors to my site at this point, but we're doing a limited initial offering to create some "viral marketing", a word I discovered is among the most annoying in IT lexicon. How about "Malthus marketing" or "bacteriologic promotions"? Just some thoughts, but maybe my cousin (you know who you are) can bring this to the attention of Microsoft's Public Relations department.

I know this sight is supposed to be about Addis Ababa and we'll get to that with a weather update, etc., in a few moments, but since we are on IT, let's roll with it. The word I always found so annoying was "solutions". I'm not the first to discover this - it was included in the annoying IT Lexicon article I referenced above. But "solutions" is a particular gem.

One time, my uncle (you know who you are), wrote this hilarious promotional piece for his advertising business about "solutions". It's two people, talking hysterically, about how they've got solutions. The ad doesn't specify what to, which is obviously the genius, but I could sit and listen to that demo over and over again and not get tired of it.

So "solutions" bugs me - look for it in print magazine advertisements. I think we are on the tail-end of this word's useful life, but it's still sneaking in. Unlike Seinfeld, who deliberately went off air when he thought his time had passed (though I think he was about one year late if he wanted to be truly leaving the game ahead of becoming formulaic), "solutions" won't seem to die the death that must eventually come. Stay tuned.

Speaking of Seinfeld, I get a real kick out of that show. My wife loves it, but calls the show by what she feels is its more appropriate name, "Kramer". To me, Seinfeld seems like a geometry equation, or is it an algorithm? If A, then B. All these parts of the formula coming together until they meet in the "solution". (I didn't plan that). Honestly, Seinfeld may be a formula, but it never fails to make me laugh. You know what's coming on a certain level, but it still surprises you, every episode.

So anyway, back to Addis. I haven't moved from my chair since last publication. That is because I've been getting my blog in order. Three posts now, I think I'm ready to extend my distribution channel. Do you like the format? I chose a somewhat Seattle PI look - might be too serious for a Rocking Fun Zone, but for now, like the name, it must stay.

Weather is more cloudy now - doesn't say much for my ability to predict weather here, but it's early in the day. I am almost ready to get out of my seat and go about the day's business, since I have completely depleted my material.



Blogger BMoudy said...

Brilliant! Congratulations on being the first in the family to leap into the world of Blogging. Having read your posts on the family site I think you're ready for primetime blogging. What you're writing about is interesting, and (more to the point) well-written. Those two facts put you in the top 1% of all blogs on the planet. I look forward to reading about your daily life, exploits and adventures in Africa.

Your idea about mass marketing is solid, but I don't think "Bacteriologic Promotions" will catch on. That's a hard word to say and marketeers usually prefer words that roll off their tongues with minimum effort. When faced with difficult words, marketeers will resort to accronyms. There again we are faced with an uphill battle because "BP" is in wide-spread use already.
Imagine the poor marketeer discussing the new BP ad campaign using BP marketing techniques with a resistent client which causes an elevation in his BP. Confusion ensues.



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