March 28, 2005

Monday, new week

Hello from the Africa front. I was just commenting to my wife last night how strange it is to live over here, so close to places I've only imagined or looked at on a map. Kenya in 2 hours, South Africa in 6. Europe, 6-8 hours. India, the Middle East (probably won't go there for awhile) all within short plane rides. That is definitely a luxury of life on this side.

What's happening? The weather here is still hot, dry, and sunny. It's so sunny here, in fact, that I have distinctly different tans on both my arms. My left arm is much darker (and apparently the hair on the left side of my head is a bit blonder, though that's less relevant as it's all going to be grey in a few years). This tan imbalance comes from driving around town during the sunshine. What's funny is that, during the week, I only wear long sleeve shirts, so this additional tan must come on the weekends when I wear short sleeves.

Whatever the case, it's not raining. I was told it would, though, because this is now the "short rainy season". I can only remember one day of rain since the "short rainy season" started and that was two weeks ago. Maybe they are being very literal when they say short rainy season. Very short. One day season. Hopefully not, as I could do with some rain and I know the city's reservoir would benefit similarly.

Not much is happening here. My wife was promoted, so she will now be heading another organization. I just nailed down a two-week consultancy with an organization specializing in Behavior Change Communication (BCC). Primarily, this organization focuses on delivering communication materials to youth regarding HIV/AIDS. I didn't fully understand the project I will be working on - something about completing an activity book, but I start tomorrow morning, so I can clarify it then.

Yesterday, we enjoyed Sunday at the in-law's house where we spend a lot of Sundays. Yesterday, we took a lunch prepared by our maid. Apparently it was delicious, but I didn't eat much. For now, I'm boycotting Ethiopian food to give my system a rest. I think the oil used to prepare most foods is not so welcome by my GI, so I'm trying to go oil free. Butter, which I'm much better accustomed to, has filled the role of oil nicely. This weekend, I made some delicious pasta and my wife made an apple pie. She wants me to feel like I have some things from home, so every now and then, she'll do something like the pie. To be honest, it was a darn good pie.

Back to the parent's house - my brother-in-law (the one who works with me) was pretty ill yesterday. In fact, he's not working today as he recovers. Given that he's from a family with two doctors (both of whom were in attendance yesterday), it was funny for me to watch the internal diagnosis. My other brother-in-law advocated a very conservative treatment, just offering an anti-pain. When my wife arrived and examined the patient, she called for an immediate intermuscular injection of antibiotics along with anti-vomiting medication. It's hard to say who was correct. Apparently, my sick brother-in-law has a habit of not telling anyone he's sick until he's ready for a trip to the hospital, so maybe it was a good call by my wife. On the other hand, my other brother-in-law is a currently practicing doctor and up to speed on medical practice. Whatever the case, I know I have good medical coverage if I get sick - a team of doctors.

In other news, today my wife and I will visit the prenatal clinic for an ultrasound. This will be my first time to see our baby and I'm pretty excited. I'm not looking to finding out if it's a boy or girl, but if the ultrasound happens to pass over any revealing areas, I won't avert my eyes.

Okay, time to meet my wife for the appointment. Ciao.



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