March 08, 2005


Let me see if I can offer you a ten minute update. I've really got to run out the door. Yesterday, my American colleague and I spent all day cleaning up our data. This involved merging our two spreadsheets, projecting our combined data onto the wall with an LCD, and then going through each variable (column) to find out where our data differed and how we could combine the different elements. It was so much fun, that we continued (after a short break) past midnight, eventually moving the festivities to my living room wall.

The data is awesome! We've put together some really outstanding findings which will be exciting and a bit controversial. Actually, we aren't sure we'll gain publication rights because the data might be embarassing, but then again, it might be a real wake up call. I don't understand all the clinical stuff, but apparently, there are a number of factors that will be interesting to health officials (I'm being deliberately vague because I don't know if I should be talking about this. Probably being paranoid, but I'll be cautious for now).

Anyway, we are going to try to get all that done before my colleague goes back to the U.S. Other than that, we had a big rain last night and the night before, hence the short rainy season has begun. I left my car windows open the previous night and was treated to a wet butt on the ride to work. I have my brother-in-law snooping around town for a "voltage stabilizer" for some of the machines we purchased. I'm probably being bamboozled, but I feel like these machines have been somewhat of a hassle and a definite expense, so I want to make sure that they last a long time. Hence, a "voltage stabilizer" is needed to supposedly protect my equipment from inconsistent current.

Well, I must sign off. Best to all.


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