January 16, 2006

It's alive!

Hello All!

Like Lazarus, One-eyed Willy, and George Foreman, the Addis Ababa Rocking Fun Zone is back for business. Whew, what a layoff. How could I ever let it get so bad. So many things to say, to catch up on. Hopefully, I'll be able to last a little longer this time. In the Fun Zone's defense, political instability is depressing and doesn't seem like the right atmosphere in which to be writing, but that doesn't excuse the Fun Zone's absence. Alas, we must go forward.

Where to start. First off, props to DJ Ken or Kane or whatever his name is - the Addis Ababa DJ who plays on Sunday nights. Last night was 1950's to 2000, and it didn't disappoint. Though he missed out on 2Pac, at least by the time I went to bed, I was impressed with his selection of unique titles from well-known artists. Props.

Next off, I must deal with a comment that was posted on this site some time ago. It was near blasphemous and must be addressed. I haven't seen the specific comment in some time, but it was something to the effect that the Simpsons was not the greatest adult serial comedy of all time, but that (and this is where I may need to check my facts) Growing Pains was. Growing Pains. Ugh. Alan Thick, Kirk Cameron, that pretty girl (who is in fact a decent actress) - nothing more than a caucasian version of the Cosby show (think Kirk as Theo). Sure, there was Leonardo DiCaprio, but this is basically a sacriligous statement and, at a minimum, fully without any grounding in the real world. Case settled. Got that off my chest.

What else? Gonna have to keep this post brief to keep my stamina. It's like getting back into the gym. Sure, I could go all out and spend eight hours on the treadmill, but then I wouldn't be able to move the next month. No, pacing is the key.

Well, the Fun Zone has had some nice developments. His daughter is now getting bigger and the Fun Zone is proud and truly enjoys the time he has with her (nice one to the daughter). Work goes well. Maids are in order - we are truly lucky to have such high quality individuals working with us.

That's it for today. More to come. Must rebuild the Fun Zone's readership. Ciao.



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