January 27, 2005

Morning update

Good morning. Coming to you live from Addis. Looks like it’s going to be a completely sunny day. All clouds have disappeared without having dropped any rain worth mentioning. Some doves are sitting on top of my neighbor’s water tank, getting ready to go about their day of business, I presume.

I keep having these dreams where the big swim meet is approaching, and I know I’m not in shape to get best times. Either I didn’t train over the summer, or I haven’t been taking the training seriously during the season. It’s always a couple of days before the big meet and I’m realizing there’s no way I’m going to go fast. Break out the dream dictionary, I want to know what this is about. (Incidentally, I swam competitively for a long time and really loved it, that’s why I keep having these dreams. If I’d been a footballer, I’m sure I’d be dreaming that I won’t have enough speed to get past the defensive backs or, like in the movie the Program, I won’t be able to push my blockers back like Lattemaier.)

Enough about my dreams. I’m thinking about hiring my brother-in-law on a monthly basis to assist me in all the stuff I’m doing. I think I’ll talk to his father today to see what he thinks. Hopefully, I’ll have an employee by c.o.b. (close of business) today.

Have a good day.


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