February 11, 2005

Afternoon, close shave this morning

This morning was a close one. My brother-in-law and I were almost run over - by a pair of stampeding donkeys. Can you imagine the stupidity of being hit by a donkey? Not even something cool like a bull or lion, but a couple of dumb donkeys.

It happened this morning as we were walking out to the main road. Normally, we would have been driving, but since I couldn't get my act in gear this morning in time, I made my wife take the car. Normally, the equation of donkeys, humans, and running over entails donkeys being afraid of cars. This morning, it was like the Twilight Zone and we were the ones seeing our lives flash by.

We were walking towards the corner of a large concrete fence, where the road bends away at a 90 degree angle. Suddenly, the security guard stationed at the corner started yelling at us. We stopped, looked up, and there were two donkeys barreling down on us. I was previously under the impression that donkeys were unable to move quickly, but the wind caused by the passing donkeys was enough to change my impression. All my brother-in-law and I did was rotate a little bit to one side and there they passed, maybe a foot in front of us. The guy down the road was not so lucky. The donkeys didn't hit him, but had to take evasive action at the last second as they were headed directly at him. I don't know what they were doing. I think it might have been some mating ritual, as they started biting each other a little bit later, but it was definitely a strange way to start the day.

Well, we bought a sewing machine for our business. Should be interesting, given that neither my brother-in-law nor I knows how to sew. But we have big vision and plans; therefore, it was a responsible purchase. Now, if only we could get the darn thing to work. Looks like a real fine piece of machinery. It's a Singer, industrial strength, probably a late 90's model. Must have been in some warehouse for awhile and then sold at an auction. Anyway, it's brand new and looks like a pretty mean machine. The machine itself, motor excluded, weighs more than 50 pounds. We'll see how this next step in the business goes.

I'll log off here. I've got to get back to the ART Clinic (for HIV/AIDS patients) in order to pilot test a database we've developed. Tomorrow, Saturday, my colleague and I should spend the entire day at the clinic logging data with the doctors. Has the makings for a fun eight hours.


Blogger Larky said...

Excellent story about the killer donkeys. Please be more careful in the future.

Larky Snax

9:30 AM  
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