February 01, 2005

Late morning news

Weather is beautiful blue - it almost matches my shirt. No doves in sight or sound. Pollution is moderate. Thankfully, in terms of pollution, we live on the upwind side of town. All the exhaust from cars, and believe me, there is plenty of it, is blown away from us towards the mountain ridge to the West that acts as a barrier for the city. So we are safe, you'll be glad to know.

This morning I went to the public baths. I'm about a once a month user of the tubs you fill with natural spring water. It's very relaxing, and you almost need the bath after enduring the frustrating wait in the lobby for one of the rooms to open up. They've got a crazy "process system" there. It actually is probably really logical underneath, but in terms of appearances, it is a ridiculous system. Actually, maybe it's only ridiculous to me because I don't speak Amharic and they are saying something that everyone knows.

Anyway, they've got a common waiting room for single parties and family users. All the rooms look exactly the same from the lobby, but maybe once inside there are multiple tubs for the families. Can you feel my pain? (I know I'm making a ridiculous explanation of this, but the show must continue without a second glance). The problem arises because the family rooms are so much less in demand that their users will come into the lobby far after a single user, but be granted a room far more expeditiously. Family rooms are more expensive, so that's one tradeoff. Maybe I should just get over it.

The baths are lovely and, in this town that can be amazingly cold, they are a welcome relief once in awhile. Heat back up until the next month.

Guess who's name I saw on a packing slip? Rita Marley (former wife to Bob). The Marley crew and others are in town to celebrate Bob's birthday. I came across her packing slip as I was getting information from a shipping company about their import fees. The agent showed me a sample of the paperwork I needed and it turns out it belonged to Mrs. Marley. This reminds me of the time I saw Kareem Abdul Jabar in the Juneau Racquet Club. My friend didn't believe it was him, so we went to the front desk and asked for a copy of his guest pass, signature included. I kept that for a long-time.

Well, work beckons.


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