January 17, 2006

Hey there readers

Hey there readers. What's happening? Not much new in the Fun Zone territory. Can't say that a lot is happening. That's because a lot is happening at work, so I don't have time to do other things which I would actually want to write about.

Well, the weather is a bit interesting. For the past week or so, ominous looking clouds have shown up sporadically. I say ominous because, given the small size of our living quarters, I had to pile a stack of HIV/AIDS reference materials on the front porch under a table. They aren't covered with a tarp, so if those clouds move to anything beyond looking bad, I can only hope that they maids have the good sense to run outside quickly and throw a tarp over the pile, thereby preserving at least the majority of the books. Ah, such is life.

What else? Not much to report. Things seem pretty calm in Addis, which is good. Today, Bole Road was closed down for what I presumed was a dignitary. Humorously, at the Dembel intersection, there must have been ten traffic police trying to divert traffic up the road toward USAID and out towards Gottera. 10 police working the same intersection just isn't going to happen, so you can imagine the consequences. Slow traffic decongestion. One fellow motorist decided he didn't want to be diverted and tried to break through the intersection. He got past the first set of traffic police, only to be forcefully waved back by another officer who seemed to come out of the bushes (maybe he did). Better luck next time.

The maids seem to be doing a great job taking care of our child, though I have to admit I am extremely protective about my time with her and keeping the maids away from her at certain times. It's my theory that you've got to draw the line somewhere. Being a mechanical man, I just put my foot down at a certain time every day. I don't know, it just feels like something I have to do. Even though sometimes it's tempting to just let the maids stretch their shift a bit longer, I really resist, and think that's for the best.

Well, enough for today. Peace to all Addis Ababans and others.


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