March 30, 2006

Fasting update 4

Since the connection seems slow this morning, preventing me from uploading a picture, and thus preventing me from pontificating the usefulness of a certain shoe-cleaning machine in the men’s bathroom at Hilton (I’m pretty sure that’s an incorrect use of the word “pontificate”, but having just seen it on another website, I wanted to include it here – what can I say, I’m a sucker for 4-syllable words).

Actually, the real reason for this second post of the day (good job Fun Zone) is to update you on my progress with the Ethiopian fast. I think we’re at something like day 30, and the Fun Zone is feeling the pain. Truthfully, I’m doing quite well, but I have to say that each day is more difficult. Mostly, it’s fatigue, though I recently felt a new sensation in my knees that has nothing to do with recently reaching an age-milestone, but everything to do with the fast. It just has to be the fast, in the conservatory, with a lead pipe (how ghastly!).

No, the fast is going well. I had a huge moment of crestfallenness (another 4-syllable “word”) due to the craziness of the Ethiopian calendar. I remarked to my wife the other night that it would be no problem from here on out because we were more than 4/7 of the way when she reminded me that Ethiopian Easter is actually 8 days behind the Easter practiced in the west. Thanks very much, Ato Julian and your crazy calendar. (What on Earth was wrong with Ato Gregory?!)

Reminds me of the time I was traveling from Seattle to Whistler, British Columbia, with some college roommates for a ski extravaganza. Having departed the university late, we were tired, but excited when we reached the Canadian border, only 60 miles from our destination. After crossing the border, imagine our disappointment when the first road sign we saw indicated that Whistler was “100” units away. It took us a few sad kilometers or miles to understand that we were in Canadia, a country that for whatever reason, chooses to subscribe to the anachronistic system of measurement we call the “metric system”, and that in fact we were still within 60 miles (one hour) the clubs of Whistler.

Back to the fast. Looks to me like there’s about 25 days left or 3.5 weeks (don’t know what that is in the metric system). The Fun Zone can and will hold out, though I must acknowledge that the time I break fast every day is getting earlier and earlier, but I have had almost zero temptation to consume animal products.

More to come…


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