March 14, 2006

Funny political commentary

This is one of the funniest political/social commentaries I've read recently. It comes from John Dickerson of the on-line news magazine Slate:

"Romney is so polished on the stump his handlers are going to have to schedule a lot of whimsical, impromptu off–the-record moments of natural expression during the campaign. This might have been the goal when Romney opened his speech by singing the lyrics to "Davy Crockett" and altering the last line to, "Doctorrrr, Doctor Bill Frist, king of the wild frontier." This sucking up to the hometown favorite coupled with Clark Griswold goofiness made me want to dive under the desk out of embarrassment for Romney and mankind. The audience didn't care. They liked him and were still talking about him two days later." (emphasis mine).

My friends from back home, and I mean way back home (of the Alaska type), will appreciate this line and agree with me that John Dickerson is probably a guy that would be worth hanging out with and possibly watching "UHF", "Spinal Tap", or "And they walked away". To use the immortal words of a childhood chum, it seems to me that "Mr. Romney should make his way to the nearest available high place and cast himself off."


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