March 22, 2006

The new Afwerk Tekle

The new Awferk Tekle? Zerihun Seyoum. If you don't yet know Zerihun Seyoum, the Fun Zone wagers you will in the near future. If you don't know Afwerk Tekle, the Fun Zone wagers that this whole post will be completely irrevelant. (I will just say that one of Afwerk Tekle's paintaings sold for $10 million, which puts him in the league of some very special artists and out of the league of the Fun Zone's checking account. I think it's also safe to say he is considered Ethiopia's greatest artist.)

Anyway, Zerihun Seyoum may or may not be Afwerk Tekle's natural successor, but his paintings make the Fun Zone happy. And at the Fun Zone, that's pretty much all the matters. The painting to the left is a sample of one of his more famous series, showing an Addis Ababa taxi with wide-eyed Ethiopians inside (not because of the driving). You probably can't see it in the picture, but one of the street signs shows a "no-fly zone", with an airplane and a line across it. There are a number of other clever conventions in the painting, like a rooster inside the taxi. I would like to see more Farenj representation in his taxis (hey, we use the public transport, too [at least one of my friends does]).

The first time I saw his work (similar to the one above), I fell immediately in love. I am not an art connisouer, I just like what I like. So keep your eye out for Ato Zerihun Seyoum. He's a clever marketer, putting postcards of his work in grocery stores, which is sure to assist in his future success.



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