March 11, 2006

Travails of a new maid

We shouldn't have expected the new maid to be ready to adapt immediately to the needs of two young professionals (including one Farenj), but we really got a girl from the village in this case (even though she lived in a neighborhood close to ours in Addis.)

Nice girl, but definitely some polishing to do. The funniest incident to date was when she rearranged all of the contents of our medicine cabinet and bathroom storage facilities. Told to "clean everything", she did just that, removing all vitamins, medicines, shampoos, and other toileteries so she could truly scrub all surfaces.

Only problem was, once removed, she had no idea how to replace them. We found antiacid tablets (Tums) on the bathtub lining next to the conditioner and face cleanser, disinfectant in with our toothbrushes, and spare parts from a previous repair job to the toilet where our lotions had been. I can only imagine the incredulity she must have felt after finishing her cleaning and trying to figure out how she was going to put it all back in place.

My wife is just now telling me that the new maid was hired with the agreement that "she could do everything, including cooking foreign dishes".

Anyway, seems like a good girl, with a long, long, long learning curve who seems to be happy working here. Hopefully, there will be more enjoyable moments like the ones we've observed so far.


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