January 28, 2005

Jan 28 Morning News

We have got a beautiful sunny day! I’m back to thinking sunny is beautiful after our spell of cloudy, rainy days. Traffic update – not too bad this morning. No traffic in the neighborhood, none that I can see in the alley behind my house. Although the freeway exit by our house was crammed this morning (which I avoided by making a not-so-legal entry onto the highway), Bole, a usual madhouse of traffic, was relatively circulative (is that a word?). When my parents were here, they were very surprised by the level of development – the amount and size of houses, technology availability like mobile phones, and, of course, the number of cars. Anyway, this morning was a pleasant drive, which is rarely the case on Bole.

I had a late night last night as my wife was burning the midnight oil because of work deadlines. I, having no access to the computer and, by extension, the internet, had a lazy evening of watching movies on the Arab stations “MBC 2” and “’one”. Last night, I got to see most of “Bend it Like Beckham” followed by 30-40 minutes of “Aliens”, two excellent if very different movies.

The Arab TV stations here are excellent. Our satellite package delivers the BBC, Euronews, and a whole slew of Arab sports, news, and entertainment stations. A lot are Saudi, but every Middle Eastern Islamic country seems to have a station on our package). The problem is the entertainment channels especially have excellent movies and show very few commercials. This can be bad for socializing, wife time, etc.

So last night was “Bend It” and “Aliens”. I guess I didn’t realize Paul Riser was one of the characters in “Aliens”. I don’t know how you can go from playing the conniving character he plays in “Aliens” to the Seinfeld-predecessor he plays in “Mad About You” – versatility. Anyway, if you haven’t seen “Aliens” and you’d like a good scare, give it a shot. Very rewarding.

The agenda today is not cram-packed. I’ve got a few phone calls to make to people about work – sort of solicitations. Not something I’m looking forward to or look forward to in general, but it’s the dirty work that has to be done.


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Great Blog. Keep the postings coming. Question: how old is your brother-in-law and why are you the one teaching him how to drive?

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