February 13, 2005

Sunday afternoon, calm, quiet, tired

We got a hot one. Yours truly has had to shed a few layers of clothing in order to type in maximum comfort. I am now in maximum comfort. Larky Snax, one of this site's esteemed readers, offered an insightful comment regarding donkeys and me. Larky suggested I should seek to avoid contact with donkeys in the future. Thanks Larky, duly noted.

My schedule has been chaotic the past few days for a number of factors. My wife being in and out of town on work has forced me to focus all my work time into tightened timelines in the effort to gain more time with her when she is in town. Don't worry - the Fun Zone will prevail, but the Fun Zone has to vent at times. The other factor is a paper I'm helping write with an American medical doctor doing a short-term residency (?) at the hospital where I volunteer. He's gotten a wild hair about the data there, so we are trying diligently to collect all the information before he returns to the U.S. Unfortunately, the clinics' doctors are required to interpret their own handwriting and provide additional information not included in the charts, so we must really work around their schedules. Fortunately, they are very enthusiastic about the paper, so we all have a good time. But it does create some limits on the free time.

Other than that, not much to report. Things are pretty calm here right now. In the coming months, there is going to be an election, which could create some intrigue, but for now, kids are in school, parents are working, and all is calm in Ethiopia.


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