February 26, 2006

New ice cream favorite

Bruno's has definitely moved to the top of the list for the Fun Zone's ice cream jones. Let's see, that makes it Meda Sports Bar for fajitas, Cafe Deli Roma for pizza, Bole Mini for hamburgers and delicious milkshakes (not to be confused with ice cream), and the terrace at Friendship City Center for macchiatowoch. I am a gourmand and these are my favorite suppliers of food items.

I should try to make money by advertising for local shops, eateries, etc. on this blog. Could be big money. (Though I once heard the rumor that Meskel Square's author was hoping to buy a book with the proceeds from his advertising - I hope he got there, but that's a high-traffic site. Don't think the Fun Zone is ready for the high-stakes world of online advertising just yet.)

Looks like the world is going up in flames: Iraq, Thailand (potential problems), a crackdown in the Philippines. That's what the world looks like if you follow the news. If you go about your business, probably not so glum. Fortunately, we have the Daily Show to bring a dose of levity to all this.

Weekends are an inherently slow time for the Fun Zone, so I'll close shortly. Before going, though, in my ongoing effort to become the number one source of weather information about Addis Ababa for the diaspora, I'll leave you with today's and the forecast for the rest of the week:

Today will continue to be overcast, with the threat of rain, but never actually fulfilling on that threat. Rain will begin on Tuesday, clearing out the automobile exhaust from Addis's skies, which will return by Friday following sunny days on Wednesday and Thursday.


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