March 02, 2006

Fasting update

Day 4 of the fast and the Fun Zone's stomach is rumbling. Here's how the fast has worked out so far. I get up around 7:00 am and my job is to make it until 2:00 pm without consuming any food or water. Then, after 2:00, my job is to eat and drink as much as I can so that I won't wake up hungry the next morning.

Hijinks of a deranged foreigner? Like I said before, I really like and admire the discipline involved in fasting and it is only through the context where a whole bunch of other people are doing it that I could possibly adhere to the regimen. I lack the self-discipline (or motivation) to go a month and a half following such a fast. I'd quickly begin asking "what's the point", which would be a few hours before I dived into a bowl of delicious strawberry yogurt or had a scrumptious machiatto to get myself ready for the afternoon work.

No, I really like the fasting and the whole idea behind it. Does seem like there's quite a way to go, though, and if I'm really serious, this is just the first of many future fasts (though I will never succumb to the Wednesday/Friday ritual of abstaining from animal products which most Orthodox Christians continue throughout the year. I'd have to check with some educated people on this, but I think Orthodox Christians observe some kind of fast for something like 200 days a year).


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