February 21, 2006

Tire siga hangover

I'm not a huge fan of the tire siga (raw meat), but I've been known to dable. I'm just not sure what the attraction is. I think it tastes less than cooked meat, which is probably on the account of the oil and salt added when simmering meat over a stove. Nonetheless, I'm trying to build up my tolerance and perhaps even develop an affinity for raw meat. At this point, no luck.

I do wonder though if you can suffer from a raw meat hangover. Sure, worms are a possibility, but everyone knows that. What about some kind of slowness of movement? Headaches? Grogginess that won't go away for two days. Of course, that could also be a result of the tej (honey wine), which is generally consumed in copious amounts with tire siga. Go figure.

Well, for those of you in the diaspora or for our foreign readers, not much is happening in Addis. Apparently, all over the country, there have been rains the past few days, and Addis was no exception. It's such a sweet thing to have rains during the dry season because they clear all the pollution out of the sky, leaving only sweet highland air for hebesha and/or farenj consumption.

Also, it's not true that nothing is happening in Addis. For a country that has an unresolved political situation, you would not believe the amount of construction going up in this city. Block after block has some construction crew putting up houses, office buildings, or shopping areas. It's quite amazing, particularly given that most of the construction is carried out by manual labor. My friend did point out that, there would be a lag time in construction if it was affected by politics, but still, Addis shows no signs of slowing down. Kind of crazy.

The Fun Zone must be off. Enjoy your day.


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