March 30, 2006

Where do they make these things?

Ah sweet, sweet, Blogger. You make my life so easy. Ever since Blogger got this ad photo option (or since the Fun Zone discovered it), a whole new world of possibilities have been opened.

Take for instance this astounding invention to the left here - an all-in-one shoe-cleaning machine. I found this one in the bathroom of the Hilton (truth be told, I'd known for awhile about this machine, but it was only after seeing a colleague's exuberance in cleaning his shoes that I deemed it blogworthy).

The machine has three phases. The photo to the left shows my foot during the first phase - the abrasive removal of large particulate matter. After finishing this phase, I would move my foot to the left to apply copious amounts of shoe cream. This phase is a little tricky, because the cream-release mechanism lacks ergonomic perfection, but you can get the job done. Finally, I'd move all the way over to the right for phase three, the final polish.

There's a fourth phase on there as well for brown shoes, but I haven't quite figured how it works into the mix.

Do they have these machines in the old U.S. of A.? Maybe, but certainly not in any of the hotels I've stayed in. What's more, the preferred alternative, young shoe-shine boys, are decidedly lacking from the streets of U.S. cities. A crisis? I'll leave that to you, my dear reader, though I've often thought that a diligent 13-14 year old could make a heck of a lot of money during the morning and lunchtime rushes in downtown Seattle.


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