February 13, 2005

Sunday evening, rested, relaxed, unshaved

I'm in a much better frame of mind since the afternoon's post. Excellent nap. Now, it's dark here, but all is not quiet. The neighbors have been having some kind of party (caught a few parts of it during my nap) and now their music is playing. Aha! It's a birthday party. I just heard the happy birthday song, in English. Good to know. Wonder who it is. We've got a bunch of little kids in the house to the left of us. Pretty cool kids. They are often staring through the hedge to catch a glimpse of the white man and I regret the day when I walked out of the enclosure in front of my house and into the street without my shirt on - those kids all happened to be walking towards our place and even from that far away (maybe because they were that far away), I could hear them giggling. I went right back inside and put on a white shirt.

What else? All is really calm here right now. I must say that data collection/entry/analysis puts a serious kibosh on my ability to come up with witty material. That kind of work is actually the opposite of wit. While not life-draining, it seriously limits the creative parts of the brain. Not to worry, these can be resucitated with a good nap and a long interlude between any interaction with data, but it is a bit stultifying.

What a word! Stultifying. That's got to be a new record for me. Since starting this blog and writing in general, I have noticed that my vocabulary, both spoken and written, has improved markedly. Good for me.

Let's see if I can give you an idea of what else is going on. I'm really encouraging my wife to begin thinking about how we can obtain a lease on land around where we live. Land is being snatched up like crazy, like a gold rush, and we need to get in on the action before it's all gone. Unfortunately, it's very expensive, probably beyond our means for the time being; but it would be a great investment and might even out down the road if we were to take out a loan (which we aren't even considering at this point). Anyway, I see all these new houses going up and feel a strong impulse to get in on it. What's funny is that so many people are building outside of the city because they want a house, but either can't afford or don't want to build within the city. I pity those people because I know that within five years, maybe even less, traffic from those zones is going to become absolutely intolerable. It's already horrible on some of the main arteries leading into the city.

My goal is to get a decent piece of land and build up. I'm feeling an extra need because of a desire to have some workspace - maybe a garage, and also because of the rapid approach of the new addition to our household. I like where we live right now quite a bit, but there's just not enough room. I've parked the sewing machine I purchased in the upstairs spare bedroom, sandwiched in between a bed filled with clothes that we haven't put away for more than a month and the wall. Oh well, it's the way my brother-in-law wants it, so we will oblige. But space is getting tight.

The animals are good, though I'm not really sure what the value of the cat is. I sometimes think that she's out hunting at night to keep unwanted rodents away from our house, but I think that is more wishful than factual. The truth is, the cat is pretty worthless. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we'll keep her for good, but her unhelpfulness combined with the most annoying and continuous meowing makes her definite low-species on this household's totem pole.

The dog, albeit completely dumb, is a great dog. He is so playful and kind. He recently was put on a short chain by the maid who is sick of cleaning up his poop from the door stoop leading into the house. Explain why when he has what to him must be a huge yard (small dog), he always chooses to leave his calling card right in front of our living room window on the stoop. Anyway, he spends some respectable time chained up now and he hates it. And I hate his barking when he is chained. I'm often compelled to release him, something I'm sure the maid would wish I didn't. But he's a good dog, good for security (nice bark). He also maurades the cat, which my wife appreciates, though she is finally starting to recognize that is a completely unbalanced equation with the dog being 3 times the cat's size. Hopefully, the animals will get old quickly and stop meowing, biting, and barking.

Well, tomorrow is a Monday and it's back into the saddle. I believe the week holds more data collection, business development, and writing. And who knows, maybe another donkey will try to run over me or maybe the neighborhood dogs will start tap dancing. This neighborhood is like "6 Feet Under", a show I never saw, but is supposed to represent a strange world, right?



Blogger Larky said...

Tell us more about the land situation. Are you saying you'd like to buy some land within the city? If you buy land and build a house is it easy to get water? A sewer hookup? How big are the lots? If you buy outside the city is there any mass transit? As for the pets, all I can say is be thankful you don't have ferrets.


Larky Snax

8:44 AM  
Blogger Irvin Redding Hung said...

You said "My goal is to get a decent piece of land and build up. I'm feeling an extra need because of a desire to have some workspace - maybe a garage, and also because of the rapid approach of the new addition to our household. I like where we live right now quite a bit, but there's just not enough room."

What is this "new addition" to your household?

Seymour Butts

12:31 AM  
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