January 30, 2006

Ethiopian advertising (a bit), part deux

Good morning Addis Ababa (said like Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam" - goodness, is my life defined by movies. I can thankfully say that living in Ethiopia without a satellite dish or DSTV, my life is certainly becoming less and less defined by TV. Granted, "120", "Ethiopian Idol" and "Demika the TV Chef" are all worth an occassional weekend hour, the TV here simply doesn't have the pull on me that it does in the States. And for that, I am thankful.)

How about part two in our on-going analysis of Ethiopian advertisements. For me, nothing still beats the Miki's lighted billboards around town or the ad for GP water tanks. I was dismayed to see that additional battery companies have taken a liking to the "V-Lion battery" model, which was never a good commercials strategy to begin with (at least in my opinion), and which was damned annoying for me the average Farenj consumer. Come on Ethiopian advertising world - we've got to step up to the plate.

I do have some observations about the beer ads, as well. I think the companies would be wisely counseled not to show men with large beer bellies guzzling down a pint and half of their favorite draft. I think the best way to market beer is the whole lifestyle thing, and the beer just becomes and object in the background, not the focal point for a group of alcoholics who can't wait to get thier fix. Duly noted.

Oh, where was I (interrupted by a phone call). Oh yeah, funny thing last night. A friend was in town last night from the States. As we were sitting around chatting, her colleague handed my wife and I a book called "the African Prince" written by an Ethiopian. The cover of the book looked outstanding - very professional - and for all intents and purposes, might have been an excellent read. That's why I was amused to find that the first review on the back was from Joan Capproni, Retired Librarian, Orange County. Yeah. Probably give those guys a marketing tip or two, as well. Who knows, maybe they know something I don't. I would think, though, that the professors also providing reviews on the back cover would have been more impressive and that Ms. Capproni would have been appropriate further down the page.

Well, I'd love to write all your ears off, but alas, the one thing we all have to do is work (unless we are close relatives to Al Amoudin or other wealthy individuals who feel like supporting our on-line blogging habits. Come on, Al Amoudin - hook me up). I could be a real asset.



Blogger Dina said...

More on DJ Kim (spelling?)- last night was great! Reggae from the heart, I know you won't touch ET politics with a bargepole, but "Crazy Baldhead" and "Welcome to Jamrock" -well, we say "Anjeten arasew". Good job those who have say do not get Jamaican English (or any English), that guy could be in trouble. Though I might be reading my own agenda into the DJ's motives...

10:20 AM  
Blogger sara said...

be careful what you wish for...from the gossip around town, alamoudi just might take you up on your assssssets.

10:06 AM  

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