January 21, 2006

Who got the beat?


Thank you to the three well wishers and one critic for their comments. It's great to get responses. To the critic, I appreciate your input, but I will not be able to accept your input. Although it might be more interesting, or at least more timely, to discuss Ethiopian politics, I have no interest in doing that. I prefer my physical and social safety, hence I take on always challenging but not threatening subjects like EPSON. Perhaps if I was blogging from the U.S., I might be able to offer my thoughts, but no dice for now. Thanks for the input, though.

Continuing a dinner conversation I had with some friends last night, however, I can take on the emotionally invigorating subject if which Ethiopian musician has the best beats. Were not talking overall music. For my money, Teddy Afro is probably the best overall artist in Ethiopia. No, we are talking about a certain component of or style of music. Rythems. Music that, when you are in a taxi and it comes on the radio, despite being surrounding by strangers, you start tapping your hands or bobbing your head.

For me, I have to go with Ato Neway Debebe and the album "Amen". My friends sewed a seed of doubt in my head last night by suggesting that I was interpreting the whole artist from a single album and that perhaps Neway's other albums didn't have the same high quality rythems. Could be true - that why I'm turning this over to the readers. Which Ethiopian artist is the most rythemically adept?

Like I said, Teddy Afro is money, but what Teddy does is he combines beats, vocals, and lyrics. Some of the harmonies he puts together really strike at your heart. Although I don't understand Amharic, I've been told that his lyrics are also very deep. So definitely compliments to Teddy, but still, on pure beats, Neway is tops.

Aster is good, too. She's got some nice tracks. Mahmood, who I'm watching on ETV right now, may have the best overall voice. I was actually at a wedding where he was singing, but didn't realize it. When the song "Mushe Gare" (or whatever it is" came on, I was blown away by the vocals. It was like three singers in one. Still, no dice. Tilahun disturbs me a bit. Because I'm a simple guy, I'm left with Neway.

Next hot topic to be discussed either tomorrow or Monday is, "Ethiopian pastries: better or worse than their American counterparts". Stay tuned.


Blogger Seattlelite said...

Hey Ken…Go Seahawks!!! I am an Abesha-Seattlelite . Do you follow up on what is going here in your home town…just wondering….City is rocking…everyone is excited about Seahawks in Super bowl…even I who could careless about “football” surprise myself by cheering for our team…Hope you get to watch the game ….

9:15 PM  
Blogger Richelieu said...

I have to agree w/ you over one thing-it's obvious that you're a rookie when it comes to an Ethiopian music.I recommend that you spend the rest of your lifetime indulging yourself in catching up with the history of Ethiopian music and I believe you can come up with your own conclusion about why millions of Ethiopians think Tilahun is by far the best singer.Please note that I also love Teddy,Neway,Muluken,Aster ...etc...

1:05 AM  

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