April 25, 2006

Fast finished

Great 7 weeks. I'm so excited about fasting, I'm already making plans for what to give up next year (coffee and tea possibly added to the list).  I have committed to going Wednesdays and Fridays with no animal products.

Fasting is a great, great thing. I feel so healthy, probably dropped 10 pounds, and didn't get sick during the whole fast, except the last 2 days, when I got bollicksed.

It's definitely recommended for all you out there in the blogosphere and beyond.  Fasting is in such contrast to the culture I know. I don't remember it being mentioned or encouraged in the Protestant Church I attended as a kid.  It definitely isn't part of American culture. 

I think given the strength of some of the food companies, fasting might actually be considered un-American. Very unfortunate. It's really a great way to reconnect with food and regain a little balance in your daily life.

Breaking the fast was delicious. Yogurt was on a whole new level of creamy.  The thing that really got me was the lunch rolls at the the restaurant I frequent near work. The rolls are served with most meals, and throughout the fast, I'd been dining on them unaware that the butter had been removed. When I bit into one of the rolls yesterday, it was so soft, succulent, moist, scrumptious. Wow. I had no idea a roll could taste so good.

Meat, I did I pretty good job of avoiding over the weekend. I had a little bit of kitfo (ground beef with spices) and some nice doro wat (chicken sauce), but other than that, I kept it light. Honestly, I think this fasting thing is a new life direction for me.


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