April 02, 2006

Movie review: Duece Bigalow, European Gigolo

Though not as funny as "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo", the sequel, which is set in the canal-laden streets of Amsterdam is definitely worth the 10 Birr at Mudiz, 30 Birr from a street vendor, or $4.99 at Blockbuster and/or Netflix.

"Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo" follows the story of Deuce Bigalow, an out of work nice guy who's lost his wife in a tragic snorkeling accident. Deuce's friend in Amsterdam, the insatiable, zany T.J. Hicks (Eddie Griffin) invites Deuce to join him - the reason is not clear, but it's conceivable that T.J. wants to reinvolve Deuce in male prostitution or "man whorring" as the movie calls it.

Deuce accepts, and soon finds himself in the middle of a series of murders aimed at the top "man whores" in Europe, who have convened in Amsterdam for the annual "Golden Penis" awards. To free T.J. from suspected culpability, Deuce once again takes up man whoring. Lots of funny exchanges between the true, prestigious man whores of Europe and Deuce, the hapless, humble not-so attractive guy whose clients include otherwise normal women with some of unattractive imperfections, like the woman with the tracheotomy who, when she smokes, exhales out of her chest. Or, the woman born near Chernobyl who always wears a mask to cover an embarrassing part of her otherwise normal face (hint: she was born with certain male genitalia in an inconvenient spot).

It must have been really fun to write this movie. Unlike many comedy sequels, "Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo" actually has its own feel. What's more, there's plenty of one-off humor like all the Europeans making fun of Americans and, surprisingly, Canadians. It is also worthy to note that this movie comes out of the production company Happy Madison, an increasingly trustworthy source for quality irreverent humor. Not surprisingly, the movie contains cameos from Adam Sandler and Norm MacDonald, harkening back to the days of Billy Madison.

All I can say is, "O'doyle rules".


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