January 31, 2006

good morning

The Fun Zone has no sunshine this morning. Little bit of a soar throat and sleepless night. Parenthood will do that to you - don't say you haven't been warned.

So what's happening in the world of readership out there? It's a grey day in Addis, and a bit cool if you ask me. It's also strangely quiet, so makes me wonder if something happened (which I highly doubt - I live in a quiet neighborhood). I'm just trying to stir up some intrigue.

Can the Fun Zone come up with anything interesting to write this morning? All signs point to no. I'm looking frantically around the house and I just don't see any sparks. Aha, tonight is the State of the Union Address in the United States, when President Bush delivers his "assessment" of how things are going in the land of the free. Promises to be full of semi-truths proclaimed enthusiastically as hard evidence.

Okay, that really wasn't a kernel. Peace to all out there and good day.


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