February 13, 2006

Monday - back to work

Ohhhhhh. Got to go back to work. Back on the treadmill. Back to the grind. I feel like a 55 year-old (how do you know I'm not?).

Hope everyone had a good weekend in Addis. As far as I know, nothing happened. Except a wedding. Or two. Probably more like 30 or 40. I did see the ultimate in tragedy while driving near Torhai Loch. A slight traffic jam cleared to reveal a broken down white Mercedes with a green ribbon on the hood. I just hope it wasn't THE vehicle. That would be pretty unfortunate to be on your way to the reception or church, dressed in the finest outfit you will ever wear, and having to stand on the side of the road, even for a moment, as pollution-belching trucks passe by. But, I don't think it was THE car.

Anyway, did the wedding thing this weekend. I have to say the bride and groom looked awfully relaxed and like they were enjoying themselves. Same for the parents, so I think that bodes well. Wish them the best in the coming years. Lots of kids.

I don't know what it is with my wife's and my luck at weddings and large receptions, but we always seem to pick the table that gets to go to the buffet last. I actually think that in this life, I have very good luck, but as far as seating arrangements at wedding parties go, I come in close to the bottom of the luck heap.

I don't know how it happened, honestly. We were actually somewhere in the middle of the room. I remember thinking to myself, at a minimum, we would get to eat somewhere in the middle rather than being at the very back of the line. Wrong. In a slight of interior design shenaniganry, the hall had two serving areas off of the main room. As we were seated just on the wrong side of the line dividing the room, we were called to the buffet after every single plate had been scavenged down to sauces and random pieces of pasta with what appeared to be sauce. Fortunately, there was still plenty of terre siga.

I've really got to think about how to outsmart the wedding seating arrangment in the future. The problem is, when you are making your entrance to a wedding, you want to get seated as fast as possible, particularly as a Ferenj, to avoid the spectacle. We could arrive early, I suppose, but then we'd still be waiting for food. At the same time, sitting close to the door can allow for an easy and unnoticed escape. A conundrum, no doubt.

Peace to all in the coming day.


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