February 08, 2006

New on-line digs

Hey all,

Trying to updatify the blog the make it more user friendly. Hope the stark white background isn't unappealing - to my mind, it lends more credibility to what is being said (like that's what this blog is about), kind of like a newspaper. One thing, though, I'd love to have a nice colored border around the edge to give a little more "coziness". Oh well, the reason I switched to this new template is I screwed up the previous one while trying to edit the code, rather than relying on Blogger's user-friendly tools. Won't happen again.

Well, we received one response relating to the question of weddings. It definitely came down on the side of wedding convoys being banned. What I found interesting was the suggestion that the convoys themselves have become a form of competition. Is the end goal to slow down as much traffic as possible? The more intersections you block, the better your wedding. For instance, "that was a four intersection wedding" would indicate that someone's convoy had blocked four intersections and invariably the reception took place in either the Hilton or the Sheraton.

Can't really say. I do like it as a tradition, albeit modern, but I do get a bit annoyed sometimes, especially if I'm trying to get somewhere rather than heading out for a lazy weekend "stroll".

Well, it's practically time for the Fun Zone to join the working world. Enjoy the day and don't breath too much of the air if you find yourself in traffic. I think I'm beginning to suffer from pollution headaches that will only be cured by the arrival of the rainy season.


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