February 07, 2006

Seahawks go down

Alas, it was not meant to be for the Seahawks. No world championship (why do we say that when only a few countries in the world play football?) It would have been fun to see them win. As my cultural inculcation in Ethiopia continues, however, I am becoming less and less accepting of "doing our best" or "look how far they came". I want to see a win, dammit! I love to hear some of the Ethiopians I know talk about how disappointing the Olympics are when one of their runners doesn't finish on top of the podium. I've even heard it said that, if the runner doesn't win, they don't even want to see her or him or any of their other country men up on the podium. Yeesh!

So what else is happening? Let's send some prayers to relatives, friends, etc., who are involved in military operations in the world. We love you guys and appreciate what you are doing as people, even if we can't see a lot of sense in some of the things we are involved in.

What's next. Oh yeah, back to the Seahawks. They got kicked around by the Steelers. What a bummer, though I think most of the U.S. was cheering for the Steelers over their latte-toting counterparts in the Northwest. Who can blame them? The Steelers are (or were) a real working man's team. Still, would have been fun to see the Seahawks get the win. Maybe next year.

In other news, I've been seeing quite a few fist-fights around Addis. Maybe it's tension built up because of the atmosphere here. Maybe it's totally normal. The other day, I saw a kid pushing a cart filled with bottles get into an altercation. All I can say is, good thing nobody here really has much experience throwing anything. This little kid, couldn't have been more than 1.5 meters going up against a guy who was probably 1.85 meters and 90 kilos and who I must say was acting quite calmly. Anyway, something escalated matters and the bottle distributor threw one of his own products at the bigger guy. It missed by a mile, but crashed into some innocent onlookers Suzuki Vitara, the passenger of which then grabbed the young boy as he was hit a couple of times by his original provocateur. What a mess.

Then I saw another incident where a teenager incurred the wrath of another teenager or two outside a small private school. I never did figure out what happened, as I drove quickly through the skirmish to avoid damage to my car. What's happening to Addis?


Blogger Johnbai3030 said...

"Kicked around" is not the proper term... It's more like they were manhandled by the Seahawks, but thanks to a few lucky plays and some bad officiating, squeeked out a win despite losing the total yardage, turnover and time of possession battles. Steelers "stole" this one.

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